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Just in case you can't tell what the picture to the left is... it's a dragonfly!

You might be wondering why I'm posting a picture of a dragonfly?  I'm not sure myself, but when I saw the picture, I was reminded of times when I was still a little girl and I would run around the yard trying to catch one.

I remember I even had a points system depending on what color the dragonfly was.  I remember I could spend hours upon hours just playing and making up all sorts of stories as I dreamed of ways to capture the prized insect.  A lot of times it was that conjuring and getting lost in my stories that was more fun than the actual catching.  After all, I always let them go.  I never felt right about keeping such a beautiful thing imprisoned in a glass jar.

It didn't matter, that I filled the jar with flowers and grass and other things I thought my dragonfly would enjoy.  The jar wasn't its home.  The garden was.

I see dragonflies now and I'm reminded of the days wh…

The Legendseeker

Tonight, I must say that I am in awe.  You see, I have this great friend, and she along with her incredible family are traveling the roads of America to seek out legends, lore, ghost stories and other fantastical things that most of us just reads about in books. 

She has an amazing sense of adventure and a can-do attitude when everyone else is saying "are you crazy?!"  She simply shrugs it off and follows her heart's direction and off she goes creating some incredible experiences--not only for herself, but for her kids too.

One day, I hope to put my big girl panties on and maybe ride along on one of her trips.  But for now, I will keep up with her adventures through her blogs.

By the way, the other amazing thing with my friend is that she collects these legends for a reason.  She writes about them, transforms them, mutates them, and spreads her magic fairy dust on them to create mind-blowing adventure novels that are modern and fast-paced.

Check her out and see what Lege…

Slow down and smile

I hope that you have all been well and having some incredible experiences.  There is just so much magic in the everyday, but unfortunately we often miss it.  For tonight, my suggestion for you is to sloooow down. 

Take a look around you.  Is there someone special sitting next to you? Your favorite person or your favorite pet perhaps.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, what do you smell?  What do you hear?

Keep your eyes closed.  Smile.  Do you feel the corner of your eyes crinkle?  Isn't it a funny feeling?

Look at the beautiful white feather.  Where do you think it came from? Some would say it's a sign from the angels.  What do you think?  How did the feather get a little tattered?  Was it caught in a windstorm before it came to you?  Where does your imagination take you when look at the picture?  Can you conjure a story around this simple material?

Try it.  It's like going on a mini vacation :)

Why did I do that?  Because it's good to sometimes just stop and expe…


I love this picture.

Travel with me through this landscape.

Imagine yourself walking through these tranquil woods and feeling the gentle heat of the morning sun on your face.

Stop and listen.  What do you hear?  Can you hear  the chirping of the different song birds as they fly from tree to tree?

Can you feel the dew on the grass brush against your skin?  Can you smell the scent of flowers in the air?  Do you feel the crispness of a cool breeze?

Walk deeper into the woods.  You see over there where the trees seem to fade into a subtle green.  Over there where the light seems to be shining the brightest.

What is over there?  Is it something magical?  Is it something fantastic?

Breathe deep and enjoy the worlds that your mind can take you to.

Thank you for visiting.