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How does this work?

Well, I'm happy to say that I am in much better spirits about my upcoming book.  A very good and dear friend offered to help edit and critique my work. 

Yes, I still have worries because I'm terrified that she'll hate my work, but I've told myself that it is better to hear the truth from someone I trust and who I know has my best interest at heart.

I've surrendered my manuscript and slowly, but surely, I am getting the much needed feedback.  The great news is, so far my friend really loves what she's reading... and yes, she's the type of friend who would tell me straight if my work sucked.  She would be more eloquent and gentle about it, but having known her so long, I would know just by the look on her face.

Now I have a bit of free time and I'm wondering how Blogger works?  How do I get people to visit my blog?  What should I talk about?  Is there more I should be studying and doing to improve my blog?  I didn't really set out to blog, but it is …


I've been working on my first fiction book and it has been great fun.  I should be working my fingers off to get it published, but for some reason, I'm finding that I'm procrastinating.

The story is done and all I have to do is finish editing to get it to its final stages.  But... I'm finding myself stuck. 

Perhaps it's fear that's keeping me from moving forward.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgement.  Whatever the case may be, I'm caught in its grip and it is incredibly exhausting to feel this way.

I must find that light again.  You know the one that illuminated my dreams and made me believe I could do it?  It's still there.  I believe that it is, but my own doubts have cast the deepest shadow over it and it is 
proving difficult to unearth.  I must keep digging. I feel so close and yet so far.

I want to find my wings and take flight.  I want to soar and experience the great expanse of success and freedom.  I want to breathe in the joy…