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Smart Drugs (Nootropics)

Ok, so I was thinking the other day... 'I wonder if there is something that could enhance my creative thinking?' 

I was going through a slump and had reached a road block in my writing.  I should be done by now, but it just isn't working out that way at all.  My frustration was getting the best of me and I guess I was looking for some kind of short cut.

So, I fiddle-farted around the web and wouldn't you know it?!  There are actually supplements (legal) that you can take to enhance brain functions!  Why was I even surprised? 

I looked into it and was completely fascinated by the promises of what it can do.  Increase productivity, increase memory, increases creativity!  Bingo!  Just what I was looking for!

But then, I read some more and it turns out that many of these supplements are also used for folks who have some type dementia.  Then I started thinking... 'Hmm, maybe it's not such a good idea to mess around with my brain.'

My brain doesn't always c…


Well, I'm currently working on the second book in my series.  It's going pretty well, but I've now reached a point where a new character popped up and I have to do some research.

So, I have an idea who this character is.  He's a demon, but which one?  I'm not really sure, so I start looking online and I come across the name Baal.

I start looking up information on Baal and as is typical of ancient studies, Baal is one of the things that has had its own evolution depending on which culture is using the name.

In the Phoenician culture, Baal was a head honcho and most revered, while later on, when Christianity took hold, Baal became demonized.

Eh, works for me.  The point is, there are tons of reference information on Baal or Ba'al.  Depending on how the word is used, 'Baal' could actually refer to a deity or a demon; or it could simply be a title given to another being, like saying Lord Such-n-Such.

Anyways, I think I found enough information to take crea…

Writing Partner

In a previous post I mentioned that my BFF is now helping me edit.  The great news is that with her critiques and loving recommendations, my book is improving.  I feel like my friend is challenging me in good ways and pushing me to do more than what I believed I could.

As a new author, this partnership is a godsend.  Without my friend's input I would not have noticed my errors.  I would not have polished my work.

If you are also just starting out, consider finding a writing partner that you trust and who can be brutally honest with you.  But be careful that your partner takes care not to squash your spirit.  As writers, our work is our heart and it can be delicate :)  You want a partner who understands you and the world that you're creating.  

The only drawback to this is that I won't be able to release my book for a little while.  I thought I was close to being done, but after my friend's first review... I have more work to do.  It'll be worth it.  Besides, I wa…

Ancient Aliens

I've been watching reruns of History Channel's Ancient Aliens.  I love, love, this show!  It makes me think about the possibilities and all these "what if" questions start to flood my mind.

Can you imagine if all along our history books were wrong?  What if our ancient ancestors were influenced by advanced beings from space?  Would it really be so crazy?

I think that part of our problem in modern society is that we've lost our ability to imagine and to open up to the unexplained.  Not everything can be proven.  Why does it have to be?

What if another explanation was plausible?  Shouldn't we look at it?  I mean if the ancient Egyptians really did build all their monolithic structures with simple tools like axes and saws, why can't we do what they did?

In order for us to recreate what our ancestors did, we have to use technology, machinery, and science to replicate the same kind of precision the ancients did with virtually nothing.  Does that make sense?  …

12 Angels Publishing

I am so happy for my dear friend, Mignon.  She just named her newest baby, er, maybe I should say, her latest creation... 12 Angels Publishing.

Mignon is an indie author and also just starting out in this e-book biz like myself.  We are learning the ropes together and like the good friend that she is, Mignon will be publishing my future books under her new banner!  Love her!

Check out Mignon's blogs at:
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Mignon's Place

You can also find some great motivational posts on Mignon's Facebook page:
Books, Blogs, & Bits

Authors supporting authors!  The next post will be about our other author friend, Nancy Brooks.
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