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Ancient Aliens

I've been watching reruns of History Channel's Ancient Aliens.  I love, love, this show!  It makes me think about the possibilities and all these "what if" questions start to flood my mind.

Can you imagine if all along our history books were wrong?  What if our ancient ancestors were influenced by advanced beings from space?  Would it really be so crazy?

I think that part of our problem in modern society is that we've lost our ability to imagine and to open up to the unexplained.  Not everything can be proven.  Why does it have to be?

What if another explanation was plausible?  Shouldn't we look at it?  I mean if the ancient Egyptians really did build all their monolithic structures with simple tools like axes and saws, why can't we do what they did?

In order for us to recreate what our ancestors did, we have to use technology, machinery, and science to replicate the same kind of precision the ancients did with virtually nothing.  Does that make sense?  Wouldn't it be more reasonable to think that the ancients had help and guidance? Alien help perhaps?

Anyways, I love anything that gets my creative juices flowing and the notion of ancient aliens is certainly one of them.  Gives me ideas to write about!