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Writing again!

Hooray! Hooray! The writer's block is dead! OMG! I cannot believe how long it took me to shake this last paralyzing bout of writer's blog.  It was awful, but I am happy to report that I am back in the seat and have written about six new pages. Wahoo!

I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me and I can breathe again. It's really odd how writer's block affects me. It actually changes my mood, it dampens my spirits, and basically makes me go through all sorts of crazy.  It's not fun.

How did I do it? How did I slay the dragon named, Writer's Block? I think what finally worked was forcing myself to write.
Duh! Yeah, that's how I felt too.

But, I forced myself to write anything and that was the key. It took my focus off of Tempest Dawn and I wasn't so tunnel visioned. Forcing myself to write anything, was a matter of making sure my brain was still working,  thatI can still string words together coherently, and it was about clearing clutter.

I have a bunch of written pages that will never see the light of day again, but those discombobulated words and random thoughts are what kicked the walls down.  I don't know, maybe there's an idea hidden in the chaos somewhere, but getting that mess out of my head cleared up the space I needed to see my story again.

You don't know how relieved I felt, when I saw that my friends -- my characters, were still waiting for me on the other side of the fog and have been patient. Because, you see, part of my fear during writer's block is that the story will leave me and go away, never to be claimed again. But, to my joy, the characters were there, holding on to their stories for me to scribe for you.

Some were peacefully asleep and not wanting to participate, but the journey is starting up again and I'm confident that those sleeping characters will catch up if they have anything to say. That's how it works for me. I gotta wait for them to dictate the story and it's my job to translate the story into paper.  This is why I cannot outline because even if I had an idea in my head, it never pans out the way I see it. I have to follow the story as it is being told and I am often as surprised as the characters themselves. 

Thank you God/Source/Universe for clearing my head again and I can get back to writing.