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Who is Kash?

Goodness gracious, what a dilemma to have! What am I talking about? Kash. I'm talking about Kash.
Let me tell you a little bit about our third, High Guardian. Kash is an Earth Strong guardian and much like his element, he is steadfast, stubborn, and a little rough around the edges. But, you get past the stoic persona, Kash is a diamond and a big teddy bear at heart. Well, a teddy bear that can rip you in two, but you see where I'm going here.

Kash came about as my team of guardians grew and I realized that with all the demons running around, two teams couldn't possibly handle all the mayhem. The Guardians are patrolling one of the biggest, liveliest cities in the United States -- San Francisco.

As I've revealed in my past posts, the character comes to me first and I look for a face later. Kash is actually still developing and he doesn't really come out until Dark Skies, but I love this guy. In the face of battle, he would easily be one of my first picks! No wonder, he's a High Guardian.

Okay, here's my dilemma...
1) I still don't have a last name for Kash
2) I can't decide who the face of Kash should be (ugh!)

When I started searching for a face, here are the physical traits I could see:
-dark hair
-square jaw
-tall (all the male guardians are over 6 feet tall)
-maybe a mixed heritage -- skin is olive, tan, honey yummy color

Yeah, with him still growing in my mind and his history not completely revealed to me yet, I'm having a little trouble with picking a face.  However, there are two celebrities that have caught my eye and they both have auras that matches Kash's.  What do you think?

The first one is Victor Webster. 

You might remember him from the TV series, Charmed? He looks very clean cut in the top picture and I actually see Kash with long(ish) hair. But then, I saw him in Scorpion King (below pic) and woooow!

The other pick is Jason Momoa.
(Pictures below)

I haven't actually seen any shows or movies with him, other than getting glimpses of him here and there when I'm channel surfing. But, he's very handsome and could also fit the face, plus there's something about his eyes...

See? It is a dilemma, but one I am so happy to have. Kash is awesome and he's just going to get better the more he reveals himself. If you have a preference, please let me know. I'd love the input.

Next week, you will meet our fourth and final High Guardian, Kingston!