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What am I up to...

Let's see, I've got a few things brewing:

But first, did you see my new little widget over there to the left? <<<<<<======= Pretty cool, huh? The current word count is for the short story I'm working on.  If you like that widget and can it use it for yourself. I found it at

1.  Updating the book covers. So far, I've got the updated covers for Prelude, Storm, and Dark Skies. I love the way the new covers turned out. The new covers still carry that mysterious vibe, but the images are more dynamic and alluring. I love it.

2.  The new covers inspired me. I couldn't put out a new cover without polishing the content too. So, I'm working on re-editing all three books. I hope I don't screw up what my editor did previously. Eeep!

3.  I'll be ordering updated banners for both Facebook and Twitter to match the covers.

4.  I've started at least three short stories. None of them are related to the Anakim series. I will be rele…