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I got some plans... and it involves you!

Do you know the image there on the left is supposed to be me? Hahaha! Yeah, it looks nothing like me, except for the black hair.

But I do love this artwork because it is a rendition of a picture. I guess maybe this is how the artist saw me. I like it. She looks pretty cool and she totally goes with everything I write about. She could be fae, she could be demon, she could be angel.  Funny thing is I didn't tell the artist at all about my interests.

Maybe the weirdness oozes out of me? Hahaha!

Anyways, why am I going on and on about this? Because, you see all those rays coming out of her head? Yes, the blues, purples, greens, and greys? That is exactly how I feel right now.

I have ideas. I have plans. Maybe it's the blood moon/lunar eclipse happening tonight. Whatever it is, my brain is churning -- in a good way :)

So here it is...
--I want to give you stuff! Books, ebooks, reader exclusives, newsletters, and whatever else I can think of. What would you like?

--I want to build …

Get a FREE book!

How would you like to get Gathering Storm for free?

You would?

That's great! Go here:

From this site, you can download a free .pdf copy. PDF not your thing? Okay, you can also go to Smashwords and use this coupon code ME32U to download the e-book format of your choice.

Please enjoy the book and I would love to hear back from you. I'm a new author and one of my goals is to keep improving my craft. The only way I can do that is with productive input.

Honest opinions that have value. That's what I'm going for. Too many times, I've seen when my fellow authors have been crushed from hurtful and mean reviews. To make it worse, the negative reviews had no value to offer, it was done (it seemed) for the sake of being ugly and mean.

I have a job as an author and just like any other job I've held, I want to be great at what I do. The hard thing with this job is, I don't have a boss to give me input. I've got to figure things out …