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Happy New Year's Eve!

2016 for me was a year full of lessons. In the end, I consider all lessons to be good. Lessons help us grow and expand. They make us stronger and wiser. But man, many of the lessons I got in 2016 came only after a lot of butt kicking and pain. I came to understand what true struggle really is and for that I have a much different perspective on life. Stress and anxiety were my norm in 2016. I learned to cope despite wanting to break down.

Now, I feel the weight lifting off my shoulders and I feel like I can breathe again. I'm happy for it. I'm relieved, but it's a change and it makes me nervous. Here I stand, on the very last day of the year and I'm alive and better. I'm a little bit worn and ragged, but I'm stronger. I've proven that I'm a tough cookie, even though I don't want to really admit it :) LOL!

I am looking forward to a fresh year and a fresh start. I have some lofty personal goals that I've set, which is a change for me. Whether I accomplish those goals or fail miserably, who knows? I won't worry about it now. 2016 taught me to push forward and keep going -- no matter what.

For 2017, I embrace the lessons I've learned and I bring those lessons with me as tools and as weapons to get through the challenges that will be ahead of me... because there will be. But, I'm better prepared.

How was your 2016? I hope it was better than mine. But if you struggled as well, know that there is an end in sight and things WILL get better. Even in the darkest of night, there is always a light that shines. You'll find that light. Stay strong, keep believing and you will emerge a bad-ass on the other side!

I wish you all the VERY BEST 2017 and every year after. You all mean so much to me.
Spread love and light.