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Slow down and smile

I hope that you have all been well and having some incredible experiences.  There is just so much magic in the everyday, but unfortunately we often miss it.  For tonight, my suggestion for you is to sloooow down. 

Take a look around you.  Is there someone special sitting next to you? Your favorite person or your favorite pet perhaps.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, what do you smell?  What do you hear?

Keep your eyes closed.  Smile.  Do you feel the corner of your eyes crinkle?  Isn't it a funny feeling?

Look at the beautiful white feather.  Where do you think it came from? Some would say it's a sign from the angels.  What do you think?  How did the feather get a little tattered?  Was it caught in a windstorm before it came to you?  Where does your imagination take you when look at the picture?  Can you conjure a story around this simple material?

Try it.  It's like going on a mini vacation :)

Why did I do that?  Because it's good to sometimes just stop and experience the moment.  That's all. 

Take care everyone!