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Prelude to a Storm

Prelude to a Storm is back under construction so it is temporarily not available anywhere. 

I was offering a free .pdf copy through Books, Blogs, and Bits, but I've decided that I want to go ahead and publish through Kindle and the other platforms.

Thank you for your support and I hope to have this out again soon!

~Cecily :) 

Gathering Storm: The Order of the Anakim

Book Description:

Elysa Amalfi’s world has darkened in the numbing aftermath of her mother’s disappearance. To her, the vibrant avenues of her San Francisco home have fogged over in darkness. Hidden in those once familiar streets, Elysa comes face to face with the mysterious world of The Anakim, a group of angelic descendants, and their eternal enemies, the demon hordes. With each passing day, Elysa plunges deeper into a realm of secrets kept tightly guarded by her missing mother, but those secrets can’t protect Elysa forever… The Order of the Anakim needs her help, and the demon hordes are not far behind!
Battle lines are revealed between ancient enemies that have been cloaked in bygone magick and traditions. The Order of the Anakim will reveal to Elysa a world beyond her imagination; her proud Anakim lineage, mystic powers, and a new passion to burn through the ages…
Now she must summon her powers to defend humanity from the rising evil and make a harrowing choice between a love that h…

Tah Da!

Here's it is! Here is my labor of love -- Gathering Storm.  Isn't she pretty? :) Getting this book to this point, has been one of the greatest experiences I've gone through.  Writing something and preparing to share it with the world, forces you to look at yourself in a different way -- ways that are scary and good. The emotions have been crazy, as you guys have seen from my posts, but it's been totally worth it.

I feel like I've grown and I hope to continue to grow with each book :)

What's it about? Here's a small hint... a scene from Chapter One.