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So close. . .

I've literally just emailed my editor with what I hope is my final draft of Gathering Storm.  I can't believe it, the finish line feels so close, I can feel that silken ribbon cross against my torso.

((Deep sigh))... but I gotta be honest and say that I am scared.  Although I feel like I'm accomplishing this great feat of having actually written an entire book, I am pretty scared about releasing it.  I've worked on this novel for a long time.  It doesn't just feel like a part of me, it is a part of me.  How many nights have I lost sleep thinking about the plot and the characters and how I can build this world they live in? How often have I spaced out in front of my family and friends because my thoughts are on the book and what I had to do next to move the story? How many times have I opted not to go out, so I can work on my book?

I want to share my story and I hope that other people will love the story as much as I do.  But, in this age of virtual reality, people…

Can I really do this?

Have you ever had one of those moments, when so much is going through your mind, that you feel crazy?

I'm having one of those moments and I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. I'm also feeling a lot of doubt and that is keeping me from doing what I should be doing.

I feel like there's so much I want to do, but no time to do it in and I'm getting caught up in analysis paralysis and absolutely wasting away what gains I might have made. Can I really do this?  Be an author/writer, and someday live the life that I see in my head? To have that little office where I can retreat to write and do all my book biz stuff? That my book biz is successful and ever growing? Where one day, I'll have enough knowledge to be able to share with new authors, so they don't feel the frustrations I do?

I seriously feel like I'm spinning on the proverbial hamster wheel.

I have to write
I have to edit
I have to study
I have to research
I have to find more ideas
I have to promote/…