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Tempest Dawn, 2nd edition

The 2nd edition is finished! I can't believe it. It's been a few months in the making and I'm excited to finally be able to show you sneak peeks of the improved book.

The first edition was good, but this is better.

The updated version will go up on June 17, 2018! Mark your calendars. I'll be running some promos to give you all a chance to download the book for free.

In the meantime, here's a peek at the prologue.

December 31st, at the stroke of midnight

Queen Ashtaroth lounged on a stone throne in the middle of a clearing, the buzzing of a portal humming behind her. She sighed, letting her head fall back, content with her accomplishments. All of her plans were going accordingly, and soon she would be able to rest and enjoy the fruits of San Francisco. She ran a lazy finger up and down the flat, black rock of the throne’s armrest, enjoying the smooth, polished surface beneath her fingertips.

Eyes lowered to look at the large slab on the ground before her. She…