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Well, I'm currently working on the second book in my series.  It's going pretty well, but I've now reached a point where a new character popped up and I have to do some research.

So, I have an idea who this character is.  He's a demon, but which one?  I'm not really sure, so I start looking online and I come across the name Baal.

I start looking up information on Baal and as is typical of ancient studies, Baal is one of the things that has had its own evolution depending on which culture is using the name.

In the Phoenician culture, Baal was a head honcho and most revered, while later on, when Christianity took hold, Baal became demonized.

Eh, works for me.  The point is, there are tons of reference information on Baal or Ba'al.  Depending on how the word is used, 'Baal' could actually refer to a deity or a demon; or it could simply be a title given to another being, like saying Lord Such-n-Such.

Anyways, I think I found enough information to take creative license and make Baal a character in my story. I did find reference that says he's considered to be one of the Kings of Hell. Muaahahahah! I can work with that.

Back to writing and we'll have to see if these characters cooperate!