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Writing Partner

In a previous post I mentioned that my BFF is now helping me edit.  The great news is that with her critiques and loving recommendations, my book is improving.  I feel like my friend is challenging me in good ways and pushing me to do more than what I believed I could.

As a new author, this partnership is a godsend.  Without my friend's input I would not have noticed my errors.  I would not have polished my work.

If you are also just starting out, consider finding a writing partner that you trust and who can be brutally honest with you.  But be careful that your partner takes care not to squash your spirit.  As writers, our work is our heart and it can be delicate :)  You want a partner who understands you and the world that you're creating.  

The only drawback to this is that I won't be able to release my book for a little while.  I thought I was close to being done, but after my friend's first review... I have more work to do.  It'll be worth it.  Besides, I want to make sure I do justice to my characters.  After all this time of seeing their stories in my head, I feel I owe it to them to bring their stories to life.  That it's my responsibility to shine the best light I can shine on them.

Sounds crazy huh?

By the way, I thought you should know; my writing partner and my BFF is the fabulous Nancy Brooks of Legendseeker.

Go check out her stuff and you'll see why I feel so fortunate to have her helping me!  She's an incredible author.  I love her world! I've made myself an honorary citizen :)