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Amazon Author Page

Woohoo!!  I have an Amazon Author Page!  I am so happy.  I feel so official.  I can be found on Amazon, the world's largest merchant.  Wow!  Did I mention, I'm ecstatic?  hahahaha!

Ok, I really need to get these other books published.  I would love to see a library of books on my page. Goal setting, I'm goal setting here. Visualizing, imagining, then hopefully materializing!

Sometimes, it doesn't feel like I'm making much progress, but baby steps, even micro-mini steps still keeps you moving.  That's where I'm at.  Hopefully, those little steps can soon be big steps.

Ooh, here's my link on Amazon (so excited!)

Stuck. . .

Sigh. . . Yep, see that empty thought bubble on the right? Yep, that's my brain at the moment--empty!  I've been working on Book 2 in my Order of the Anakim series, but I have once again hit a wall.

Writer's block really sucks.  It's like my characters all took a vacation at the same time and have turned their cell phones off.  No communication whatsoever. 

So, I sit here tapping my fingers on the table.  Well, I figure I might as well be productive and at least tap my fingers over my keyboard :) So, please forgive my string of possibly nonsensical thoughts as I try to break down this blockage that's keeping me from my story.

Perhaps, it's time to resort to an old trick I learned from my buddy, Nancy.
It does work too!  I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes.  If you ever find yourself stuck...
try these little tricks to nudge your story along.

Start a dialogue Introduce a new characterFubar somebodyInterrogate one of the characters--why would y…