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Stuck. . .

Sigh. . . Yep, see that empty thought bubble on the right? Yep, that's my brain at the moment--empty!  I've been working on Book 2 in my Order of the Anakim series, but I have once again hit a wall.

Writer's block really sucks.  It's like my characters all took a vacation at the same time and have turned their cell phones off.  No communication whatsoever. 

So, I sit here tapping my fingers on the table.  Well, I figure I might as well be productive and at least tap my fingers over my keyboard :) So, please forgive my string of possibly nonsensical thoughts as I try to break down this blockage that's keeping me from my story.

Perhaps, it's time to resort to an old trick I learned from my buddy, Nancy.
It does work too!  I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes.  If you ever find yourself stuck...
try these little tricks to nudge your story along.

  • Start a dialogue 
  • Introduce a new character
  • Fubar somebody
  • Interrogate one of the characters--why would you do that? what do you have to gain from it? why did you look at him/her? etc, etc.
  • Focus on something in the scene.  A chair, a lamp, a table, etc. and describe it.
  • Post on your blog, Facebook or Twitter
These really do work for me.  I think the point is--write, just write.  Even if you have no idea what to write, the mere act of putting pen-to-paper or fingers-to-keyboard will spark something.

By the way... with regards to the database... Eh, I started something.  But I'm still working on it.  It's not where I'd like it to be, but it's a work in progress.  I settled on using One Note that's already part of the MS Office suite that's loaded in my laptop.

Ok, well, here I go.  Must destroy writer's block :)