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So close. . .

I've literally just emailed my editor with what I hope is my final draft of Gathering Storm.  I can't believe it, the finish line feels so close, I can feel that silken ribbon cross against my torso.

((Deep sigh))... but I gotta be honest and say that I am scared.  Although I feel like I'm accomplishing this great feat of having actually written an entire book, I am pretty scared about releasing it.  I've worked on this novel for a long time.  It doesn't just feel like a part of me, it is a part of me.  How many nights have I lost sleep thinking about the plot and the characters and how I can build this world they live in? How often have I spaced out in front of my family and friends because my thoughts are on the book and what I had to do next to move the story? How many times have I opted not to go out, so I can work on my book?

I want to share my story and I hope that other people will love the story as much as I do.  But, in this age of virtual reality, people have found the perfect hiding place to remain hidden, yet unleash their meaness into the world. I've read some hateful reviews on e-books that I click on  and that's what they truly are hateful and mean. I've come to the point that I don't even pay attention to those reviews anymore.  I want to form my own opinions and I certainly am not about bashing anyone.

I think that it is just unfortunate that this age of technology has spawned really bad behaviors in people. It is so much easier to rip a person apart, when you can remain anonymous and not suffer any form of consequence.

Unfortunately the same non-consequence is not true for the author, or the artist receiving those criticisms or "reviews." It could be completely damaging toward their future and the future of their stories and their livelihood.

I apologize. That rant came out of nowhere... well, maybe not nowhere.  It is true, but my fear is bringing it to the forefront of my brain.

((Deep breath))

I will release the book. I will release the book. I will release the book. :)

I will commit publicly so I don't chicken out.

I will have a beautiful experience and I will trust this adventure that is unfolding before me.