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Tah Da!

Here's it is! Here is my labor of love -- Gathering Storm.  Isn't she pretty? :) Getting this book to this point, has been one of the greatest experiences I've gone through.  Writing something and preparing to share it with the world, forces you to look at yourself in a different way -- ways that are scary and good. The emotions have been crazy, as you guys have seen from my posts, but it's been totally worth it.

I feel like I've grown and I hope to continue to grow with each book :)

What's it about? Here's a small hint... a scene from Chapter One.

With one push from his strong legs, he launched himself from the second floor railing and landed without a sound in a crouched position in front of her. He stood up slowly, not wanting to add to her fright. He looked at her soaked clothing, her chattering teeth, and the fear that she was attempting to hide. She was brave, reckless, and stunning, and he felt an instant need to shield her and get her to safety.

Release Date: May 10, 2014