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Well, let's see... What have I been up to since I last posted? I've been busy in a great way!

I finished up the first draft of Dark Skies, which is the follow up to Gathering Storm.  I just need to get back to it and fill in the gaps and start smoothing it out.  The re-write and edits begin... and quite frankly, this is when I tend to slow down, because this isn't my favorite part. But it is necessary and I always find that it is crucial as this is when hidden gems of the story come out.  It's like the characters are just waiting to say "... and then!"

Dark Skies, is taking a different turn from Gathering Storm.  There is more perspective from the demons in Dark Skies.  I wouldn't say it's dark, since I don't consider my style of writing, dark, but there's more agony for the good guys in the second installment.  Ooh, it ends on a cliff-hanger too! I'm excited about it, but I know some people haaaate that kind of ending.

I'm also worki…