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Trust your story

I love this picture. It was circulating around Facebook and when it reached my news feed, I had one of those moments when I truly, truly, believed that the message was just for me!

You see, I'm a very new author and although I've been writing all my life in the security of my journals and to complete assignments for school, I never really thought that I would write for the public. Becoming an author is an endeavor that I took on, only a couple of years ago.

I love the writing process, even the processes that I complain about. I have a ways to go and I know that I'm not the best, but I'd like to think, I'm not the worst either. At least, I hope not. LOL!

You might be wondering "why" this little picture means so much to me. Well, in the series, that I'm working on right now, I have a raven that is symbolically very important to the story line.

I don't plan my stories. I'm not an outliner and I never really know what's going to happen until I start writing.The raven came to me, much like the rest of the story -- in a dream, or maybe even during a state of creative channeling. I really don't know where some of my ideas come from... I just go with it and see where it ends up. But you see that's where part of my fears and doubts come from. I feel like there's this great story that is unfolding before me and somehow, by luck or by chance I got to be the one to share the story and tell it.

I see the characters, their lives, their emotions, their struggles, and I am totally enamored by them... and then, doubt makes me question whether I am worthy to convey these amazing stories. What if I can't breathe life into the story? What if I can't do the story justice? What if I mess up? What if nobody likes the story? What if it sucks? On and on it goes....

Then I realized that in my moments of doubt and fear, I lacked trust... ((sigh))

So, when this little picture came along; I felt the need to pin it above my desk so that I can see it every time I write and TRUST in my story :) In my moments of fear, I look to this picture and I say, "Nope. Keep writing you chicken head and trust your story."

To whomever designed this picture, THANK YOU!!