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Dark Skies: Order of the Anakim

Tah-dah! Here it is! Isn't she pretty? Hahaha! Seriously though, I am really excited about this one. For some reason, this book feels like my series is really on its way.  There's one more book coming, but having this third one completed feels like a milestone!

When I first started writing this series, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to complete even one book! Now, I'm working on the fourth and maybe the last book for the series -- Tempest Dawn.

I've fallen in love more and more with the characters in this series and I hope you will too.  The men are hot, the women are amazing, and they all have glowing spirits that make them so real and so special to me.

My hope is that I've done these characters some justice and have told their stories in a worthwhile manner.  Yes, I love my characters and they are as important to me as a friend or family would be. In some ways, I probably know these characters better than some of my friends and family!

As I'm writ…

Book Trailer for Dark Skies

Woohoo! Here's a sneak peak for Dark Skies. The video is from Elysa Amalfi's perspective and briefly goes over some of her biggest worries as she learns more about the days ahead.

The trailer will also show you what the cover looks like, but you have to wait till the end of the video :). Don't worry, it's short, but entertaining!

I'll be posting the cover on its own later as we get closer to the release date.

As of now, Dark Skies is in the hands of my editor.  When she's finished, I'll go over her revisions and then we are one step closer to publishing! Yippee! I can't wait :)

In the meantime, enjoy the video and please feel free to share and pass it along.

Dark Skies: Book Trailer