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Page idea

Hmmm. I've been thinking... I was going through my earlier drafts of Gathering Storm and Dark Skies and I've forgotten that there are some scenes that got deleted -- never made it to the final draft.

They're good too, but they're extras and didn't really add to the story. So, here's my thought, what if, I post those deleted scenes here at Cecily's World?

I think I'm going to do it! Why not, right?  Anyways, some of the scenes have adult content, so I'll post warnings before the scene, so you can decide it you still want to read it.

Come back and watch out for the new Page. Coming soon!

I've been thinking... instead of Deleted Scenes how about FREE CHAPTERS instead? The deleted scenes may not make sense since it's literally been pulled out and taken out of context.  I could still add deleted scenes as a bonus, but I'll focus on providing chapters instead.