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Where am I?

Where the heck am I? Well, I'm just going to take a break from posting on the blog for a bit.  As you've probably read in my other posts, I tend to struggle with writer's block.  This is the worst thing that could happen to a writer.  A writer that can't write is miserable and a misery to watch.

With 2015 coming so quickly at us, I really had to step back and figure out what I wanted to achieve in the next year; and lo and behold, wouldn't you know it, I want to write more books.  I have ideas and I have the "want," but I don't know why I can't make it connect right now.

I'm working on Tempest Dawn, but there are other stories wanting to surface.  I need to honor those whispers and focus my energy on crafting more books.  So, I shall be taking  just a little break to get myself organized, prioritized, and energized so that I can deliver you more stories.  That's all I really want.

I will talk with you soon.  

Continue to believe in the magic around you.