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I've got some updates :) I'm pretty excited. I've been really productive.

*The first draft of Tempest Dawn is finished.  I'm currently working on editing/re-working the draft.  This is when I fill in with details, catch any gaps, delete redundancies, and just make sure the story makes sense.

As the author, in my head everything makes sense while I'm writing it, but it's crazy what I find when I'm going through the re-work.  I have to laugh, cause there's plenty of times when I'm like "what the hell was I talking about?!"   LOL! Dangers of trying to write when I should be sleeping.

*I joined a beta group! I am really excited about this because I'm hoping this will illuminate somethings for me when it comes to marketing and all that 'fun' stuff.  Also, and what's been really good for me is that this beta group is forcing me to write, write, and write some more. 

I'm learning that I can actually write more than one story at a time and not get confused like I thought I would. Being in the group has started several story seeds for me! Awesome!! I'm giddy about this.

*I'm also trying to put in more study time and more reading time. When I say more, I mean like 15 minutes here and there or whenever I can squeeze in the time.  I still have a full time day job and when I get home, I have a family that needs my attention.  I only have a precious few hours at night to write, to learn, to read and figure out what I need to do that's BOOK related. Needless to say, I'm never bored :)

*I'm also thinking about moving my blog under iggylife domain. There's some things I want to do, but can't with Blogger.  I need to have a Wordpress site to do what I'm thinking about... eh. I'll decide later.  If I do, I'll have to figure out how to re-direct?

That is all for now.  If I disappear again, it'll be because I'm working hard at my book stuff and trying to be a better writer :)