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Who is Kash?

Goodness gracious, what a dilemma to have! What am I talking about? Kash. I'm talking about Kash.
Let me tell you a little bit about our third, High Guardian. Kash is an Earth Strong guardian and much like his element, he is steadfast, stubborn, and a little rough around the edges. But, you get past the stoic persona, Kash is a diamond and a big teddy bear at heart. Well, a teddy bear that can rip you in two, but you see where I'm going here.

Kash came about as my team of guardians grew and I realized that with all the demons running around, two teams couldn't possibly handle all the mayhem. The Guardians are patrolling one of the biggest, liveliest cities in the United States -- San Francisco.

As I've revealed in my past posts, the character comes to me first and I look for a face later. Kash is actually still developing and he doesn't really come out until Dark Skies, but I love this guy. In the face of battle, he would easily be one of my first picks! No wonder…

Prelude to a Storm, catch it while you can

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Who is Caleb Sommer?

Alrighty, last week, you met Jarron St. Sebastian, High Guardian to the Order of the Anakim.

This week, meet Caleb Sommer, another High Guardian.  Did I mention there's four High Guardians and they each lead a team?

Caleb Sommer is Jarron's best friend. They grew up together and are only a few months apart, but Caleb has declared himself the big brother.

I love Caleb's personality. He is so easy going, humorous, and fun, but has the intensity of a tiger when needed. In fact, in my head, that's how I see him -- like a tiger. You know very stealth, but powerful and beautiful.

He is a panty dropper -- obviously! And he can get any woman he wants, but he's not slutty like that. The Guardians and especially Caleb, are men of honor and are loyal to their mates, their families and their friends. Caleb has a very male sensuality to him. He doesn't try to be sexy, he just is. Sexy isn't strong enough a word though. He's uber-sexy! (Hahaha! Okay, it's late a…

Who is Jarron St. Sebastian?

A few posts ago, I had said I wanted to tell you more about the world of the Anakim -- the characters, the story behind the story, etc.

I thought it fitting that I introduce you to the very first character that popped in my head and got the story of the Order of the Anakim started.

It was this guy on the left!

Okay, that's William Levy, super hot Latino actor, who makes me go cross-eyed whenever I see pictures of him, but he is my celebrity inspiration for Jarron St. Sebastian.

Picture if you will, Mr. William Levy with heterochromic eyes -- one a deep green, the other a deep blue.  His stares smolder, whether in the heat of battle or in the throws of passion.

Where did it all begin? Here's the vision I saw.

I saw a tall man, pacing in the back of a club. He had a hood on and wore all black. He was giving off an agitated, impatient type of energy -- like he was waiting for something or someone and he was getting tired of waiting.

I couldn't tell if the hooded man was good…