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Who is Caleb Sommer?

Alrighty, last week, you met Jarron St. Sebastian, High Guardian to the Order of the Anakim.

This week, meet Caleb Sommer, another High Guardian.  Did I mention there's four High Guardians and they each lead a team?

Caleb Sommer is Jarron's best friend. They grew up together and are only a few months apart, but Caleb has declared himself the big brother.

I love Caleb's personality. He is so easy going, humorous, and fun, but has the intensity of a tiger when needed. In fact, in my head, that's how I see him -- like a tiger. You know very stealth, but powerful and beautiful.

He is a panty dropper -- obviously! And he can get any woman he wants, but he's not slutty like that. The Guardians and especially Caleb, are men of honor and are loyal to their mates, their families and their friends. Caleb has a very male sensuality to him. He doesn't try to be sexy, he just is. Sexy isn't strong enough a word though. He's uber-sexy! (Hahaha! Okay, it's late and I'm staring at his gorgeous face. Makes it hard to think of a better word!)

Caleb came about naturally. I wasn't planning on him, but as I wrote Jarron, Caleb came up and he added so much more to the story and the relationships. Every hero needs a friend and Caleb's cool is a great balance to Jarron's heat.  They have a great friendship and both take their leadership roles seriously.  It probably helps, that they both grew up under Isabel's (High Mother to The Order) watchful and loving presence.

As with Jarron, Caleb's story came first and then I went searching for a face and Ian Sommerhalder was it! I saw him, those intense blue eys, and the smirk -- and ah yeah! That's Caleb! I didn't have to look any further.

Here's a little tidbit of info that you won't find anywhere else--

When I was writing Gathering Storm I wanted to create some drama between between Ellie and
Jarron and I thought... hmm, Caleb and Ellie could get together! I was trying so hard to start some kind of love triangle issue, friends torn apart for the love of a woman.

It sounded like a great plot to me and all the trouble I could cause in the story. But oh no. Caleb was not having it! No matter how much I tried to write, the story would not come out. It felt forced, the writing was terrible, and I felt bad, really bad. I finally just gave it up and went so far as to delete those scenes.

After that, story started flowing again. (See what I mean about being loyal and honorable?)

Sheez! I swear my characters rule me, but that's half of the fun :)