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Who is Jarron St. Sebastian?

A few posts ago, I had said I wanted to tell you more about the world of the Anakim -- the characters, the story behind the story, etc.

I thought it fitting that I introduce you to the very first character that popped in my head and got the story of the Order of the Anakim started.

It was this guy on the left!

Okay, that's William Levy, super hot Latino actor, who makes me go cross-eyed whenever I see pictures of him, but he is my celebrity inspiration for Jarron St. Sebastian.

Picture if you will, Mr. William Levy with heterochromic eyes -- one a deep green, the other a deep blue.  His stares smolder, whether in the heat of battle or in the throws of passion.

Where did it all begin? Here's the vision I saw.

I saw a tall man, pacing in the back of a club. He had a hood on and wore all black. He was giving off an agitated, impatient type of energy -- like he was waiting for something or someone and he was getting tired of waiting.

I couldn't tell if the hooded man was good or bad, but I had a feeling he was good. He was built strong, even with the plain hooded jacket he wore, I could tell he was ripped. He walked like a soldier -- you know that confident swagger that says, "don't mess with me."

I saw this snippet of a scene over and over in my head for weeks and I couldn't figure out why and then one day, the scene changed, the hooded man looked up, the lights caught his eyes, and they gleamed and oh my panties, he was gorgeous! I saw those eyes and I knew he was good, a protector, a Guardian and he was at the club to save someone.

Once, I got a glimpse of his eyes, then I had an idea of his hair color, the shape of his face, and even what his voice would sound like. After that, I had to find a face to match what I was seeing in my head. Mr. Superfine Levy, fit the bill and so much more. (I'm very visual and I need faces to connect with my characters.)

From that point forward, I started writing down what I thought he was about, what he was like, and the story started forming.  It was like he was waiting for me to figure things out and once I did, the story took on a life of its own and Jarron St. Sebastian came into being.

It's funny because when I see images of William Levy, I don't think of him as the celebrity. I see him as my character.

Here are Jarron's statistics:

I could go on and on and talk about Jarron like he was real. I could give you his story, his hurts, his triumphs, and why he would sacrifice himself for those he loves. But that's another post :)

I love all my characters, but this guy holds a special place in my heart. He's my first borne. LOL!
I'll reveal more about Jarron in other posts. I just got to be careful, not to spoil anything that might come up in a story.