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Who is Kingston?

Meet Kingston aka "Kensy," our fourth and final High Guardian to the Order of the Anakim.

He has not appeared much and I'm still getting to know him. He was only mentioned in Gathering Storm, and he doesn't actually show up until Dark Skies, but even then, he was still pretty reserved. He makes more of an appearance in Tempest Dawn and he is lovely.

When he appears, I can hear his voice in my head. He has a deep baritone voice and he's very regal. He carries himself like a prince and I often wonder if he is.

Like I said I'm still getting to know him. Something happened and I'm wondering if maybe that's why he's being a bit more reserved. Of the teams, his team is down to just two people. Did he suffer recent losses? What happened to his team? The Guardians are very close, they're family and losing team members would be devastating.

I may have a back story brewing...

The celeb inspiration for Kensy is George Wilson. Gorgeous isn't he? I think he's a football player. I just remember seeing his picture online, right after Kensy first appeared in the story and I was struck. "That's him!" It was one of those squeal-like-a-little-girl moments. LOL! I still get giddy thinking about it.

I'm not going to give you any stats on Kensy. Physically, you can see he is beautiful like all the Guardians, but his inner workings... hmm. I'm still figuring him out. I have to do some coaxing.
My man of mystery.

Kingston, High Guardian of the Order of the Anakim