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I got some plans... and it involves you!

Do you know the image there on the left is supposed to be me? Hahaha! Yeah, it looks nothing like me, except for the black hair.

But I do love this artwork because it is a rendition of a picture. I guess maybe this is how the artist saw me. I like it. She looks pretty cool and she totally goes with everything I write about. She could be fae, she could be demon, she could be angel.  Funny thing is I didn't tell the artist at all about my interests.

Maybe the weirdness oozes out of me? Hahaha!

Anyways, why am I going on and on about this? Because, you see all those rays coming out of her head? Yes, the blues, purples, greens, and greys? That is exactly how I feel right now.

I have ideas. I have plans. Maybe it's the blood moon/lunar eclipse happening tonight. Whatever it is, my brain is churning -- in a good way :)

So here it is...
--I want to give you stuff! Books, ebooks, reader exclusives, newsletters, and whatever else I can think of. What would you like?

--I want to build a tribe. No worries, I'm not talking about a cult or anything like that. I mean a supportive and safe community of book lovers who happen to like paranormal/supernatural/fantasy genre. (We will carefully screen out meanies and those pesky internet trolls.)

--I want to give my tribe, value. Afterall, if you are sharing your time with me, I want to make sure it is worth your time. What can I offer you? I want to help. Are you an aspiring writer? Haven't got started yet? Maybe I can nudge you to take a leap of faith. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I'm on the path and I can give you some warning of what's up ahead. I'm not about bashing anybody. In fact, I believe that we can only get better by helping each other.

Wish me luck! I've got some planning to do on how I can make this work. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, for your FREEBIES, pick the link you like :)

(this link will go to my other site and asks for a sign-up for a pdf copy. I'm hoping you will choose this link, so we can start tribe building :) You can still use the Smashwords link too)

(Smashwords link. Use COUPON CODE ME32U)

If you're not sure about downloading these e-books, you can take a peek at my writing style by going to the FREE Chapters tab of this blog.

If you know someone who would enjoy a couple of free e-books, please free to share this post with them.