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Escaping Midnight is the latest addition to the Order of the Anakim series  and is a short story about how Jarron and Jade meet up.
This takes places about eight years before Gathering Storm and before Jarron meets Ellie.
The cool thing about Escaping Midnight is that it leaves some clues to Jarron's past. I'm intrigued and I plan on exploring the story of Jarron and Jade further. Who knows, this might be a back story line.
Escaping Midnight is currently only available as a Reader Exclusive to my reader list. If you'd like to receive this book for free, all you have to do is sign up.

Keepin' on

You know... there are times when plans just don't work out.

That's me.

I had this great plan, update my books, fix them, promote them, and hopefully find some people to love them as much as I do.

Well, it started out pretty well or so I thought, but then... boom! I hit a wall, a big one. But I guess, in a way it was good.

What happened?

Well, I'm chugging along feeling like my plans were coasting pretty smoothly, when suddenly a good friend, a trusted friend, told me about all the errors she found in my book! After I picked up my jaw from the floor and I could speak again, all that came out of my mouth was "Whaaa?"


Anyways, at the least I'm frustrated. Momentum is difficult to build and I had to stop what I was doing. I couldn't in good conscience promote my books when I knew there were errors! Ugh! So, anyways, I'm on my umpteenth recheck and thank goodness, same friend is willing to help out!


Don't let bumps in the road deter you …