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After centuries of manipulation and treachery, Ashtaroth, Queen of the Demons, has made good on her promise. Lord Baal has risen and has taken the hordes to the next level of their ruthless plans. With unstoppable women at his side, Baal sets his sight to start his war on the unsuspecting people of San Francisco.
There's only one thing standing in his way -- The Order of the Anakim. Since the time of the Nephilim, The Order has been the stronghold that have kept the demons at bay. Help is desperately needed when faith and hope are crippled when the demons trample The Order's beloved city.
Can The Order recover as their numbers dwindle and they fracture at the seams?
Will the demons succeed in their quest for war?
Will humanity survive?
Tempest Dawn is the fourth installment in the Order of the Anakim series, and will take urban fantasy fans on an emotional ride.
Get ready for dark and light to collide in this thrill filled paranormal drama.

I'm working on some promotional date…

I'm back

I'm okay and I have been. I haven't gone over the edge. I'm still working my day job, taking care of my family, socializing with friends... it's just the writing that suffered. Writing insecurities. I have a lot of them. Little writing demons who like to continually gnaw at my confidence. Little bastards. LOL!

I've been in a writing funk. Ugh...

I normally snap out of these fairly quickly, but this one has ridden me for nearly a year. It sucks cause it has taken me away from what I enjoy -- writing.

It's weird.

I love writing. It makes me happy. But it also makes me sad.

I want to improve my skills, but the only way to do it is to write, but I can't write when I'm in a funk.

It's a crazy train, but I'm getting ready to get off. LOL! It's not a fun train -- at all! Not writing makes me feel disconnected and unsettled. Like there's a thorn pressing on me, but I can't see where it's poked.

I'm dusting off my keyboard and gettin…