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Happy New Year's Eve!

2016 for me was a year full of lessons. In the end, I consider all lessons to be good. Lessons help us grow and expand. They make us stronger and wiser. But man, many of the lessons I got in 2016 came only after a lot of butt kicking and pain. I came to understand what true struggle really is and for that I have a much different perspective on life. Stress and anxiety were my norm in 2016. I learned to cope despite wanting to break down.

Now, I feel the weight lifting off my shoulders and I feel like I can breathe again. I'm happy for it. I'm relieved, but it's a change and it makes me nervous. Here I stand, on the very last day of the year and I'm alive and better. I'm a little bit worn and ragged, but I'm stronger. I've proven that I'm a tough cookie, even though I don't want to really admit it :) LOL!

I am looking forward to a fresh year and a fresh start. I have some lofty personal goals that I've set, which is a ch…